April 2010

Two o’ clock in the morning baby,
I know it’s late, I know it’s late,
I’m dark and I like the night,
And I can make you feel alright,
I’ve been around for quite a while,
And I’ve learned how I can make you smile,
I know you won’t refuse,
You know I’m Fast And Loose
Two o’ clock in the morning sugar,
I know you’re sleeping, you must be sleeping,
Why don’t you invite me in?
Get yourself some original sin,
I’ll wake you up, but stay in bed,
Don’t get up, get down instead,
I don’t need no excuse,
To like it Fast And Loose

No remorse
Two o’ clock in the morning honey,
Let me in baby, let me in,
You know me, you know I’m wired,
I’m gonna stop you feeling tired,
I’m coming over and I won’t be long,
Just let me finish writing this song,
I’m gonna blow your fuse
I know you like it Fast And Loose


foto: eu

modele : Livia / Trimbulind

Prima parte a proiectului EPPUR SI MOVE

idee : trimbulind
modele: livia + trimbulind

Vom reveni cu celelalte parti, ideea de baza fiind reluata, filtrata si prelucrata de ceilalti realizatori pentru a va arata cele petrecute.
Va dorim auditie placuta!

Semneaza : Echipa 🙂

If it’s no problem

why mention it

Everything spoken means that

it’s opposite

and everything else

I’m alive, I’m dying

– Jim Morrison –

unei ape ai putea fi un afurisit de Narcis

sau ai putea să-ţi aprinzi o ţigară şi

să admiri priveliştea

foto: eu